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Plumbing Repairs

Roby Plumbing is available to help with all your plumbing needs including clogs and drain cleaning, garbage disposals, faucet repairs, filtration systems, backflow valves, circulating systems and more.  Our plumbers are experts in the field and have the right tools for locating and correcting your problem quickly and professionally.  As a bonus, we’re available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help with emergency situations!  Simply call us at 704.334.6447 to schedule service.

Clogs & Drain Cleaning

The most common call we receive is for help with clogs and drain cleaning.  Clogs are very common.  The problem is that too many homeowners try to clear clogs themselves by using harmful drain cleaners and chemicals.  Even if they temporarily help, drain cleaners are not a long-term solution and can cause damage to your pipes.

The common culprits for clogs are hair, grease and food. But there are a lot of other things that end up finding their way into your drains including egg shells, feminine hygiene products, oil from cars or lawnmowers, paper towels, flushable cat litter and coffee grinds. 

If you have even a minor clog, let Roby Plumbing inspect and correct the problem for you.

Garbage Disposals

Did something end up in your garbage disposal (utensil, bone, etc.) that shouldn’t have?  Don’t worry (or stick your hand down the drain!).  Roby Plumbing can help with garbage disposal repairs, replacements or installations. 

Faucet Repairs

Faucets have internal parts that eventually wear out.  As they do, your faucet will start to leak.  The leak could come from the spout and drip into the sink, or from the handle(s) and run on to your counter or under the sink.

At Roby Plumbing, our professional plumbers can help install a new faucet for your kitchen sink or bath tub or help with maintenance or repairs.  

Keep in mind that if a faucet has been serviced multiple times, continued attempts to repair older fixtures can be more costly than they are worth. If this is the case, we will recommend replacing your faucet in order to protect your cabinets and floors from any potential water damage.  Our professionals can help assess the damage and advise you on the best course of action.

Filtration Systems

Water filtration systems / conditioning units are for remediating bacteria, metals, pesticides, etc. in your water, as well as visual and sensory problems like staining, hardness and odor.  Your water should always be tested for bacteria and/or viruses prior to drinking or use.  At Roby Plumbing, our plumbers will sample the water in your home to determine if there is a problem.  If so, we will then design the appropriate water treatment system to remedy the problem.  Keep your home and family safe with proper water filtration design, installation, and maintenance. 

Keep in mind that water conditions change from season to season.  We recommend that you have your water tested periodically by a qualified professional like Roby Plumbing.

Backflow Valves

A backflow prevention device is utilized to do exactly what the name implies – prevent the backflow of water.  This device prevents potable water (drinking water) from becoming contaminated by non-potable water (water from pools, irrigation systems, etc.).  For example, if you have a sprinkler system or are running water from the home into a pool, there is a risk of the water running from the output back into the input.  In order to keep water moving in the right direction, a backflow valve needs to be in place.  For backflow valve installation or repairs, Roby Plumbing can help. 

Circulating Systems

An important part of your home plumbing system is your water recirculation system.  The basic job of this system is to keep water hot running through pipe work so that when you turn on the hot water at your sink, the water comes out immediately hot.  Even when there are no taps running, this system is hard at work to make sure you have hot water on demand.

In order to keep hot water in your home for showers, dishes and other tasks, it is important to keep your water recirculation system in proper working order.  There are multiple components that make up your water recirculating system (meaning that there are multiple ways things can go wrong!).  If your hot water isn’t coming out the right temperature or if there is a significant delay for hot water from the tap, you may need to have this system inspected.  With one call to Roby Plumbing, we can help with repairs, replacements or initial installations.

For all your plumbing repairs, call the professionals Roby Plumbing at 704.334.6447 to schedule service.

Got a plumbing emergency?  Roby Plumbing has you covered!  We’re available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!